Used Volvo V40 Hatchback 12- Present

Used Volvo V40 2012-2019 review

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(2012 - 2019)
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Which used Volvo V40 hatchback should I buy?

SE-spec Volvo V40s get plenty of equipment and there are enough of them around to make it our pick of the range.

Depending upon how you intend to use your car, we would suggest you look for a 1.6 D2 diesel as the best all-round engine choice for earlier cars and the 2.0 D2 for post-2015 models. Both manage to motivate the V40 with adequate pace, although it’s not quite as effortlessly as those of the the Audi A3 or Volkswagen Golf. The D3 and D4 make the V40 surprisingly fast, but they start becoming a bit too expensive to buy and run when compared with the D2.

If you only intend to do shorter journeys, though, you should consider the T3 petrol to avoid issues with the DPF. The T3 engine is smooth and happy to rev when you need a bit more power to perform an overtaking manoeuvre, and it should be quite economical, even if it is unlikely to match the diesel model.

Our favourite Volvo V40: 1.6-litre D2 SE

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Used Volvo V40 Hatchback 12- Present
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