Used Volvo XC40 2017-present review

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Used Volvo XC40 17-present
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What used Volvo XC40 estate will I get for my budget?

The XC40 is a relatively new car, so used prices are still settling down. It’s a pricey car new – you pay for its premium feel – although there are discounts to be had when buying new, so this, of course, has a ripple effect on the used forecourt prices. It’s possible to pick up a front-wheel-drive T3 model with a low mileage from a franchised dealer for around £25,000-£28,000. D3 models start at around £26,000 – a small saving on the price of a new car admittedly, but a saving nonetheless, and applies to cars further up the range, too.

Used Volvo XC40 17-present

How much does it cost to run a Volvo XC40 estate?

On paper, the most economical XC40 is the diesel 2.0 D3 in Momentum trim and a manual gearbox, with an average claimed fuel consumption figure of 58.9mpg and CO2 emissions of 127g/km. The more powerful D4 gets close, with 56.5mpg in four-wheel drive and automatic form – an excellent figure for what is a reasonably quick and heavy car. The best-performing petrol car is the T3, with an average claimed figure of 44.1mpg and a CO2 output of 152g/km.

Insurance costs are fairly low for the XC40, laden as it is with safety and security kit; Volvo’s safety claims help to keep the car in the 30-33 groupings.

Annual car tax will be the same for all models registered after the tax changes of April 2017. It’s worth making sure the on-the-road cost of the XC40 you’re looking at didn’t creep past £40,000 when it was new, because at this point it will attract an extra luxury car tax surcharge.

Servicing costs are reasonable and you can opt for a number of servicing plans for your used car that can help you spread the cost.

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Used Volvo XC40 17-present
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