Used Volvo XC60 2008 - 2017 review

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(2008 - 2017)
Volvo XC60 (08 - 17)
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What's the used Volvo XC60 4x4 like?

The Volvo XC60 is a prestige SUV that rivals cars such as the Audi Q5 and BMW X3. It has a classy looking and well-made interior, offers good practicality for a family of five and has a wide range of engines and trims to choose from.

You sit high, so get an excellent view down the road. Most people will be comfortable driving the XC60, too, because the seats are very supportive and offer plenty of adjustment.

You also get lots of storage compartments, including a nifty little shelf for your mobile phone behind the XC60’s ‘floating dashboard’.

The dashboard takes its name from the slim centre console, which is attached at the top and bottom, but is otherwise free standing, something that looks modern and adds to the airy feel inside the car. However, the sat-nav system is rather dated.

In the back, there’s plenty of space for three adults and the seats are slightly raised to give their occupants a good view out.

The boot offers even more practicality, with a large square storage area and a floor that sits flat with the boot lip, making loading and unloading of heavy items much easier. You’ll easily fit three large suitcases or two Alsatians in there, and an underfloor storage compartment lets you hide your valuables away.

Most versions of the XC60 have a comfortable ride, while the optional four-wheel drive system boosts traction when needed, before reverting to predominantly front-wheel drive, which helps save fuel.

The XC60 also grips well in corners, but the comparatively soft suspension allows a lot of body lean and the steering feels somewhat numb. The sportier R-Design trim has firmer suspension to reduce body lean, but that's at the expense of some comfort.

Think of the XC60 as more of a lifestyle SUV that an all out off-roader, so don’t expect it to ascend many mountain sides. However, good ground clearance means it’ll easily cope with the odd over-the-kerb expedition.

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Volvo XC60 (08 - 17)
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