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Ownership cost

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Ownership cost

What used BMW 3 Series saloon will I get for my budget?

Prices for a used BMW 3 Series at the time of writing start at £26,000 for a 318d SE version, but, because this is a fairly new model, its prices are still changing relatively rapidly. To keep up to date with used 3 Series prices, use our free valuation tool to make sure you are getting the best deal. 

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BMW 3 Series interior

How much does it cost to run a BMW 3 Series saloon?

Every version of the 3 Series has very decent fuel economy; even the most potent 340i petrol that has a combined WLTP figure of 40.4mpg, despite having a 0-62mph time of 4.4sec. Both the 320i and 330i are turbocharged 2.0-litre petrols, so there’s not a great deal of difference between the two regarding fuel economy: 43.5mpg and 41.5mpg respectively. The 330e is a plug-in hybrid with a claimed electric-only range of 35 miles and, if you do regularly charge it up, 138mpg.

In reality, it’ll be the diesels that make the most sense for higher mileage users. The 318d is the most frugal at 58.9mpg, while the more flexible 320d gets 56.5mpg. The larger capacity 330d is available only as an automatic and should manage 47.9mpg. 

This generation of BMW 3 series will be charged under the current flat rate fee road tax system, but you may have to pay attention to the spec of your 3 Series because some versions bust past the £40,000 limit, so higher-spec versions could be a lot more expensive to tax than lesser ones. To find out more about the current road tax costs, click here for further information.

It’ll cost you more to service a 3 Series than it would to maintain an equivalent Audi A4. You can split the cost up into monthly payments of £25 for the BMW, but an Audi would be less expensive at £19.50. However, you’ll be spending less than someone driving a Mercedes C-Class, because that’ll set you back £32 a month. 

Another thing to consider as a running cost would be Apple CarPlay, because BMW now charges a fee for the privilege of connecting your iPhone to your car. It’s currently set at £85 per year, or £295 for unlimited access. Neither will be transferable to the next owner.  

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BMW 3 Series interior
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