Used BMW 5 Series Touring 2017-present review


BMW 5 Series Touring 2017-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW 5 Series estate?

There are many rivals to the BMW 5 Series Touring, but few manage to blend its depth of talents quite so well.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate gets close, mind you, and thanks to steeper depreciation, it works out to be slightly cheaper to buy. It may not be quite as accommodating in the rear for tall passengers, but its boot is massive and you can even add extra fold-up seats in there, turning this posh estate into a genuine seven-seater.

If you want a slick-looking estate with a well-finished interior, the Audi A6 Avant is a fine choice. It’s been around a while, so there are loads of them available, from a sensible 2.0-litre diesel all the way up to the rampant RS6 Performance model with its 596bhp 4.0 V8 petrol engine.

There’s also the Volvo V90, which looks great both inside and out and comes with bags of safety technology that not only helps to prevent accidents but also keeps you safe if they do happen.

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BMW 5 Series Touring 2017-present
BMW 5 Series Touring
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Big, premium and stuffed with high-tech gadgets, the BMW 5 Series Touring is one of the finest big estate cars of its type

  • Quiet ride
  • Interior quality
  • User-friendly infotainment
  • Not as good to drive as the saloon
  • Standard M Sport suspension
  • Vague off-centre steering