Used BMW i3 2013-present review

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Used BMW i3 13-present
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Which used BMW i3 hatchback should I buy?

The electric-only i3 is cheaper and lighter than the range-extender version, so it’s a little quicker when accelerating and has a few more miles of electric-only range. It’s worth noting, though, that despite the lack of an engine sitting alongside the electric motor in the back, you don’t get any more boot space.

If you’re still suffering from a bit of range anxiety – or if your i3 is going to be a bold choice as your only car – then the range-extender version could appeal. Its nine-litre fuel tank and small petrol engine add about 80 miles to the range, and give you the scope to keep on motoring without the need for a lengthy recharge.

The pure-electric i3s features a fractionally more powerful 184bhp electric motor that also produces more torque, allowing it to reach 62mph in 6.9sec (nearly half a second quicker than the standard car) with a top speed of 100mph. Yet its real-world range remains an impressive 125 miles. By having a generator and a nine-litre fuel tank as back-up, the range-extender model is capable of going around 80 miles further than the standard i3s.

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Used BMW i3 13-present
Used BMW i3 13-present
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