What Car? Real Range: which electric car can go farthest in the real world?

With demand for electric models soaring, What Car? has developed a test that shows their Real Range between charges. Here we reveal the best and worst performers...

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Steve Huntingford
24 November 2018

What Car? Real Range testing

7. Renault Zoe R110

Used Renault Zoe 2013 -

Real Range 146 miles

Miles per kWh 2.9

Full charge cost £6.03

Cost per mile £0.041

This more powerful version of the Zoe has brisker mid-range acceleration than the Q90 and a slightly longer range, making it a better choice for motorway drivers. 

Prices for the R110 start at a little over £18,000, which is just £250 more than the Q90 will cost you. 

6. Hyundai Kona Electric 39kWh

Hyundai Kona Electric

Real Range 158 miles

Miles per kWh 3.6

Full charge cost £5.27

Cost per mile £0.033

Hyundai’s small electric SUV is offered with 134 or 201bhp, but even in its less powerful form it outperformed all but one of its mainstream rivals, with a Real Range of 158 miles.

The Kona also has a smart interior, sophisticated infotainment system and fine driving position on its side.

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5. Tesla Model S 75D

Tesla Model S

Real Range 204 miles

Miles per kWh 2.4

Full charge cost £10.09

Cost per mile £0.049

The Model S transformed the image of electric vehicles when it arrived in 2014. A luxury car with plenty of space for five adults, it’s capable of sports car performance and has a long range.

It can be charged at home in an average of 11 hours, while Tesla’s Superchargers will do you 80% in half an hour.

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4. Tesla Model X 100D

Tesla Model X

Real Range 233 miles

Miles per kWh 2.0

Full charge cost £13.67

Cost per mile £0.059

Tesla's sporty yet plush Model X was the first prestige electric SUV. A practical seven-seat rival to the Audi Q7, it gets a four-star overall rating from us.

The 100D variant that we put through our Real Range test represents the mid-point in the Model X line-up.

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