BMW M5 review

Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

The M5 may be capable of out-accelerating supercars, but that doesn’t mean BMW has compromised on practicality. Here, the only real difference from a standard 5 Series is the wider front sports seats. These give the driver and passenger more lateral support yet still offer ample head and leg room for six-footers.

There’s enough space for two tall adults in the rear, too, but carrying a third isn’t a comfortable experience on long journeys; shoulder room is tight and whoever's sitting in the middle has to straddle a raised central tunnel. There’s actually more leg room in the rival Mercedes-AMG E63, although the margins are small and, by a whisker, the standard 5 Series beats both for head room.

As for the boot, there’s enough space for a couple of large suitcases and some smaller bags. However, rather than being a simple, square shape, the load bay is full of various contours that can be restrictive when trying to load large, bulky objects. The E63’s boot is that bit larger, too.


BMW M5 Rear Seat
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