Used BMW X4 14-18

Used BMW X4 2014 - 2018 review

(2014 - 2018)
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What alternatives should I consider to a used BMW X4 estate?

The Porsche Macan is great to drive, with the closest feel to a sports car of all SUVs. It has prodigious performance, excellent handling and a high-quality interior. What it doesn’t have is rear space – that's a bit of a compromise if you have a family.

The sportier versions of the Range Rover Evoque match the X4 for style and speed. They don’t drive as well as the X4, though, and there is a question mark over reliability. Despite thos downfalls, demand for these cars is strong and their used prices are relatively high.

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If you want a fast, premium SUV that’s good to drive, you could do a lot worse than a used BMW X4

  • Great handling
  • Superb infotainment system
  • Not as practical as the X3
  • Divisive styling