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Control costs. Stay up to date with fuel and safety technology. Or simply drive away with the brand-new van of your dreams. Whatever your reasons for leasing a van, we'll help you get the perfect deal for your needs and budget. Whether you're a sole trader who wants the security of a new vehicle, or a fleet manager on the hunt for the best monthly payments.

Compact Van Leasing

- See All Compact Van Offers

Find the perfect small van for daily business use—whether you're delivering urgent packages in a busy city or painting houses in a rural village.

Enjoy familiar, car-style handling from the Ford Transit Connect. Opt for the sharp looks of the VW Caddy. Or look to the Fiat Doblo for versatility.

We regularly check compact van leasing offers from franchise dealerships around the country so you can make the most cost-effective choice for your business.

Compact Sized Van - Fiat Doblo

Compact Van Special Offers

Ford Transit Courier Diesel 1.5 TDCi 100ps Limited Van [6 Speed]

£324.86 (+VAT) Per Month

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Medium Van leasing

- See All Medium Van Offers

Whatever your trade, we'll help you find the medium-sized van that fits the bill. Browse our current list of franchise UK dealership offers to compare monthly payments on dozens of medium van leasing packages.

Whether you're looking for the refinement of a VW Transporter, the performance of a Ford Transit Connect, or the long-loading abilities of the Renault Trafic.

Medium Sized Van - Renault Trafic

Medium Van Special Offers

Large Van Leasing

- See All Large Van Offers

Carry large loads anywhere-and find the perfect combination of down payment and monthly cost to help you do it. We trawl the best franchise dealership offers for large van leases, keeping you up to date with options for getting your business on the road.

From the endlessly versatile Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit to the practical Vauxhall Movano or Renault Master, there's a choice to suit every need.

Large Sized Van - Vauxhall Movano

Large Van Special Offers

Pick-Up Van Leasing

- See All Pick Up Van Offers

Take your business off roads. Take advantage of favourable tax rates. Whatever your reason for leasing a pickup, we'll help you find a package to suit your budget.

From the muscular and stylish Mitsubishi L200 to the rugged, desirable VW Amarok, we keep an eye on the best franchise dealership offers in the UK. Load up your new pickup with site tools, or use it for business travel. The choice is yours.

Pick Up Vans - Volkswagen Amarok

Pick Up Special Offers


Van Leasing FAQs

  • How does van leasing work?
  • Van leasing lets you finance the use of a brand-new van for a specified period of time. Essentially a long-term form of van renting, van leasing involves an Initial Payment plus monthly payments for the remainder of the lease. At the end of the lease, you return the van.
  • Should I buy or lease a van?
  • When you lease a van, you'll benefit from the latest technology and modern fuel efficiency. You can upgrade to a new model every 2–4 years, and can also benefit from tax breaks if you're hiring for business. However, you will not own the van when your lease ends.
  • Leasing vs PCP which should I choose?
  • Leasing a van gets you the latest model every 2–4 years. Your van lease is a long-term rental agreement: when the term ends you return the van. PCP is almost identical, except you get the option to pay the remaining value and buy the van when the term ends.
  • How much is it to lease a van?
  • When you lease a van, you'll pay an Initial Payment that's typically 3x your monthly rental fee. After the Initial Payment, you pay fixed monthly fees for the remainder of the finance term. On a typical 3-year lease, total cost is your Initial Payment plus 35x monthly payments.
  • What are the pros and cons of leasing?
  • Key advantages of van leasing include peace of mind: you get a new van every 2–4 years. You may also benefit from tax advantages, as most vans are leased on business contracts. Plus you'll be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Mileage limits apply, however. You won't own the van.
  • What should I know when leasing a van?
  • When leasing a van, you should know that you can upgrade your vehicle every 2–4 years. Van leasing is a long-term rental agreement: mileage limits apply and you won't own the van at the end of the term. Business Contract Hire prices are displayed ex VAT.
  • What is Business Contract Hire (BCH)?
  • Business Contract Hire (BCH) is vehicle leasing for business use. When you lease a van on BCH, you effectively rent a brand-new vehicle for between 2–4 years. You pay an Initial Payment followed by monthly payments. Dependent on emissions, you may qualify for tax breaks. Read More on "What is Business Contract Hire (BCH)?"
  • What is Hire Purchase (HP)?
  • Hire Purchase (HP) is a method of van finance available to businesses that want to buy a van, but don't want to pay the full value up front. Monthly payments are higher than other finance options, to cover the van's full value. A final Option to Purchase fee completes payment. Read More on "What is Hire Purchase (HP)? "
  • Will I own the van after the lease period?
  • When you lease a van, you're hiring it for the agreed period. At the end of the lease period, it's handed back to the dealer with no further obligation on your part—leaving you free to lease or buy another vehicle.
  • What happens if I go over the mileage limit?
  • The monthly repayments on your van lease are based on depreciation, which increases as your van does more miles. Exceeding the mileage limit means you also exceed the expected depreciation of the vehicle's value, and that attracts an extra cost. Extra mileage charges can accumulate into high figures, so it's a good idea to negotiate an annual mileage allowance that realistically reflects your business.
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