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The DS 3 is the smallest car in Citroen’s premium DS Range. There's no five-door option, just the 3dr hatchback and this Cabrio derivative, which has a scrolling fabric roof between fixed arches.

The most critical rival is the Mini Convertible, which is similarly priced despite it being a full convertible, and having a more premium interior. Other rivals include the Fiat 500C, which doesn’t offer the same performance as the DS 3 Cabrio but is drastically cheaper, and the bigger VW Beetle Cabriolet, which also offers similarly cheerful soft-top motoring within a similar price range to the DS.

Like the 500, the DS 3 Cabrio isn't a full-blown convertible due to the fact that its roof pillars remain in place when the hood is folded down, an approach that has two obvious advantages: it helps to keep the body rigid without resorting to expensive re-engineering and it allows the driver to operate the roof at speeds of up to 75mph.

As well as the roof, a number of small styling tweaks help to differentiate the DS 3 Cabrio from its hard-top sibling.

DS also offers a huge selection of trims and colour options so that buyers can create their own personalised look. Contrasting panels, door mirrors, wheels and interior panels, along with a range of decals, can be colour coordinated to help your DS 3 stand out.

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