Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2016-present review


Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class 16-present
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What alternatives should I consider to a used Mercedes E-Class saloon?

The BMW 5 Series is wonderfully plush and classy inside and drives better than anything else in this class. It corners with composure and rides comfortably and is a great used buy.

The Jaguar XF strikes a superb balance between ride and handling, and is great fun to drive. It’s well equipped, too, and comfortable. It’s a little noisier than rivals and not as spacious, but it’s good value on the forecourts.

Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class 16-present
Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class 16-present
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The E-Class makes more of a case for itself than any other mainstream Mercedes-Benz. It’s elegant, classy, well equipped and good to drive

  • Sumptuous interior
  • Supple ride
  • Well equipped
  • Not as fun to drive as some rivals
  • E220d not as quiet as some diesels