1st: Serengeti Dante 7113 - 170

1st: Serengeti Dante 7113 - 170

Serengeti Dante 7113
RRP 170
Best of the web 135 (Sunglassesforsport.com)
Lens size 63mm


The Dantes performed well in all weather conditions - they improved contrast in low light and dealt with glare in bright conditions. They were comfy to wear, too, but did feel heavy on the nose after a while. The lenses covered a good chunk of our testers' field of vision, but allowed a little light to bypass the lenses at the sides and the bottom.

They're not cheap, but you'll save around a fifth if you shop around. The best price we found was 135 at Sunglassesforsport.com - and that included delivery. A high-quality hard case comes as standard.

Glass lenses and metal frames mean the Dantes weigh quite a bit. They certainly looked and felt well made but, because of the glass lenses, you wouldn't want to drop them.

Special features
The brown 'Drivers' photochromatic lenses adjust to changing light conditions. 'Spectral Control' improves contrast and enhances the most important driving colours (i.e. reds for brake and traffic lights). UVA and UVB rays are filtered out, as is 95% of blue light. This helps to reduce haze caused by spray and fog. Prescription lenses are also available at extra cost.