2013 Ford Fiesta Mountune

* Faster Ford Fiesta ST driven * Power up from 197bhp to 212bhp * Kit available for just £599...

2013 Ford Fiesta Mountune review

We’re already big fans of the Ford Fiesta ST. Its blend of firecracker engine, angry-wasp nimbleness, flick-of-the-wrist steering and sporty but subtle styling upgrades is unbeatable as far as we’re concerned.

Or perhaps not, because now there’s this, the Fiesta ST with a Mountune performance upgrade.

The tweaks consist of a new airbox, a high-flow air filter and an engine remap, and can be done in less than an hour at any one of 120 Mountune-specialist Ford dealers.

It’ll cost just £599 and increases power from 197bhp to 212, while torque is up from 214lb ft to 236lb ft. Both of these figures are on ‘overboost’, which basically means the engine tries extra hard for short periods.

This extra mumbo cuts the 0-62mph time from 6.9 seconds to 6.7, while in-gear acceleration (the punch you feel when you’re overtaking something) is also slightly improved.

What’s the 2013 Ford Fiesta ST Mountune like to drive?
In short, hilarious. The Fiesta ST should be available on prescription, such is its uplifting effect on your mood. 

From the moment you start it up it positively fizzes with life, and always feels up for whatever you or the prevailing conditions can throw at it.

Put your foot down and there’s a little lethargy until the turbo spins past 1500rpm, but thereafter the Fiesta heads for the horizon like a puppy chasing a ball. It emits a suitably encouraging bark as soon as you extend your right ankle, too, and closes on the red line with real enthusiasm.

As with the standard Fiesta ST, though, it’s in corners that the Mountune really excels. Turn the wheel and the car lunges for the apex of any given corner with no hesitation, and it deals with quick left, right, left changes of direction with seemingly no inertia.

True, the Mountune doesn’t feel quite as precise as the standard ST because the extra power makes the steering wheel squirm slightly in your hands on bumpy roads and when you accelerate hard out of corners. However, the gearbox and pedals are light and positive.

As for other downsides, well the suspension has to be pretty firm to give the car such reflexes – although it’s supple enough (just) to make the ride bearable – and there’s quite a lot of engine and road noise to contend with at speed. Still, if you want comfort and peace, you shouldn’t buy a hot hatch.

What’s the 2013 Ford Fiesta ST Mountune like inside?
It’s like that of any other Ford Fiesta, albeit enhanced by a pair of good-looking and supportive Recaro sports seats. You wouldn’t want to be too hefty of frame though, or you could find yourself perching on the side squabs instead of actually sitting between them.

There’s decent space up front, and enough in the rear, while the boot will cope with your shopping.
The instruments ahead are clear enough, and the air-conditioning controls are easy to use, although the centre console and infotainment system have clearly been designed by someone with a penchant for visual puzzles and brain-teasers. Not only is it tricky to find the control button/dial you want, but it’s hard to operate the system even once you’ve located the appropriate control. 

Quality is slightly hit and miss; there are decent plastics in some areas, such as on the main dashboard, but less impressive trims in others, such as the door releases.

Should I buy one?
Given that the kit costs just £599 on top of the cost of a standard Ford Fiesta ST, it seems like reasonable value, and gives the Fiesta the power to match the Peugeot 208 GTi and Renaultsport Clio 200, but at a lower price.

However, the standard Fiesta ST is a little more precise and anything but slow, so we’d advise you to try both and see whether you really need the extra punch. You can do a lot of enjoyable miles in a standard Fiesta ST for £599 after all.

What Car? says...

Peugeot 208 GTi
Renault Clio Renaultsport 200


Engine size 1.6-litre turbo petrol
Price from £17,594
Power 212bhp
Torque 236lb ft
0-62mph 6.7sec
Top speed na
Fuel economy na
CO2 emissions na