2017 Tesla Model X reader test team review

The Model X is the first all-electric SUV to go on sale. Tesla claims good practicality, ease of daily use, a premium interior and blistering performance. Do our readers concur?...

Maurizio Cappitta

Age: 36 Job: Sales development manager Drives: Jaguar XKR


2017 Tesla Model X reader test team review

“I admire Tesla, but I’m unsure about electric cars. I wanted to see whether the Model X would change my view – whether an electric SUV could really put a grin on my face.

“The way I see it, Tesla is doing to the motor industry what Apple did to mobile phones. ‘Traditional’ manufacturers are now building cars with lots of technology in them, but Tesla builds its cars around the latest technology.

“I anticipated that the Model X would be like driving a household appliance – something that just does the job – but I was wrong. The instant torque is unbelievable. If you floor it away from a set of traffic lights, it leaves other cars far behind, and you can see other drivers thinking: ‘Wow, what is that? How did it do that?’. That’s what makes this car special to me.

“I was unsure about the Model X’s Falcon Wing doors; what happens if you park in a narrow space or there’s a low roof? But it’s double-hinged, and it scans its surroundings, so it can open in very small spaces and adjust itself not to hit anything.

“I love that the car's driving and infotainment software is wirelessly updated for free, so you always have the latest functions.”

Rated 4 out of 5

Russell Hunt

Age: 49 Job: Financial adviser Drives: BMW X1


2017 Tesla Model X reader test team review

“I’m getting more interested in electric cars, and I drive an SUV, so the Model X is ideal for me.

“It’s so easy to drive. In the city, it really takes the stress away, due to the lack of noise, electronic driving assists and the lack of a gearbox.

“The main benefit of electric motoring for me is the increased fuel efficiency. Officially, the range is up to 351 miles, and my commute is around 15 miles, so I could simply charge this car at home overnight.

“The instant torque is really quite exhilarating. This car can throw you down the road like a rollercoaster. The fact that it’s almost silent is a bit disconcerting for passengers, mind.

“Annoyingly, the middle seat in the second row cuts off your vision in the rear-view mirror, so you have to use the reversing camera on the screen when you’re driving, which isn’t ideal. I’d also worry the camera lens could get dirty and obscure your view.

“The interior material quality is not representative of a car at this price point. If you look at a Range Rover Sport or an Audi Q7, you can see the difference. And I’d expect to get leather seats as standard.

“But overall, I’m very pleased. It’s great to drive, there’s lots of technology and it’s family-friendly.”

Rated 5 out of 5

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