Best and worst electric cars 2018

Electric cars are growing in popularity. No wonder: the best are quiet, cheap to run and smooth to drive. But which are the bright sparks to consider – and which are the loose connections?...

1. Best and worst electric cars 2018
Best electric cars
Volkswagen e-Up front
Volkswagen e-Up interior
Toyota Mirai front
Toyota Mirai mechanicals
Kia Soul front
Kia Soul dashboard
Tesla Model X front
Tesla Model X dashboard
Hyundai Ioniq front
Hyundai Ioniq dashboard
Volkswagen e-Golf front
Volkswagen e-Golf interior
BMW i3 front
BMW i3 interior
Tesla Model S front
Tesla Model S dashboard
Renault Zoe front
Renault Zoe dashboard
Nissan Leaf front
Nissan Leaf dashboard
Smart Fortwo Electric Drive front
Renault Twizy front
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Electric cars are becoming more mainstream by the day and this trend is only going to accelerate as rules are introduced to limit the kind of vehicles allowed into major cities.

The main thing holding electric cars back remains range anxiety – the fear that you won't have enough juice to get to where you’re going. This is because electric cars can typically cover only about 150 miles between charges and it takes much longer to charge than it does to fill a petrol tank. However, this is slowly becoming less of an issue.

There are already luxury electric cars that can cover more than twice that average distance on a single charge. And even if you can't stretch to one of those, an electric car can still make sense because they're cheap to run and are ideal for short journeys, such as the school run, trips to the shops or a brief commute.

So, which electric cars should you consider? Here, we count down our favourites and tell you which ones to avoid.

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