2020 Honda E - exclusive Reader Test Team preview

Join What Car? for an exclusive preview of the new Honda E on Thursday 11 July in Feltham, Middlesex...

 2019 Honda E Prototype

Yuki Terai says he designed the Honda Urban EV as a "little robot or partner" that owners would bond with – and to say he succeeded would be an understatement.

The cute little electric concept car stole the Frankfurt motor show in late 2017, so much so that Honda's management were convinced to put it in production. And then it won the 2019 What Car? Reader Award for the most anticipated new car by nothing less than a landslide. 

Now you can be among the first to view the production car – named the Honda E – in the flesh before deliveries commence at the start of next year.

Honda E Prototype

Slightly smaller than the conventional Honda Jazz, the E will go up against everything from the BMW i3 to the Renault Zoe and is to be priced from around £30,000. With a 35.5kWh battery powering a rear-mounted electric motor, it has an official range of around 125 miles, with an 80% charge said to be achievable in less than half an hour.

Honda is also aiming for good ride and handling by employing a sophisticated suspension set-up, a low centre of gravity and 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution.

The E's four-seat interior is revolutionary, with digital displays spanning the entire width of the dashboard. These are a 12.0in digital instrument touchscreen, two 12.0in infotainment touchscreens and a screen in each corner to show the view behind – because wing mirrors are so old hat...

Honda E Prototype

If you're interested in the E, come along for an exclusive preview with What Car? on Thursday 11 July in Feltham, Middlesex.

You'll get a hands-on preview of the car, as well as a Q&A opportunity with the Honda team, before being interviewed for our magazine and website.

To apply, email the following information to readertestteam@haynet.com

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