2020 Jaguar XE long-term test review: report 6

Jaguar’s smallest saloon, the XE, has been updated for 2020. So, should you consider choosing it over its German rivals? We’ve added one to our long-term test fleet to find out...

LT Jaguar XE rear cornering

The car Jaguar XE 2.0 D180 SE R-Dynamic AWD auto Run by Steve Huntingford, editor

Why it’s here To see if Jaguar’s recently refreshed executive car impresses or frustrates when you live with it every day

Needs to Combine fun handling with relaxing cruising manners and a prestige feel with low running costs

Miles 5254 List price £39,800 Target Price £36,922 Price as tested £47,410 Official economy 46.4mpg Test economy 34.2mpg 

27 April 2020 – Valued customer?

It's easy to be a good friend, employer or service provider when everything is going well, but when a crunch comes you see the true colours. So, I was curious to see how Jaguar is treating its customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

As you would hope, the first thing that comes up when you go to the brand's website is a box labelled 'Covid-19 information'. And while you do then have to click through a few menus before you get to where you need to be (reminds me of changing the radio station in my XE) your various options are ultimately very clear, whether you’re looking to get your car serviced, hand it back or take a payment holiday.

Jaguar website - Covid-19 advice

Indeed, unlike some of its rivals, Jaguar was offering payment holidays before the Financial Conduct Authority made it policy. However, if you’ve actually needed to use any of these services, I’d be keen to hear how you got on.

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