2nd A-Z Super Scale GB Road Atlas 14.50

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Jim Holder
12 May 2008

2nd A-Z Super Scale GB Road Atlas 14.50

A-Z Super Scale GB Road Atlas
RRP 14.50
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'Super Scale' means 1:158,400, which ensures there's plenty of detail for navigating in even the most rural locations. The town maps and airport and port plans are useful, providing ample extra information on areas where the mapping doesn't have enough detail.

Ease of operation
Pages are slightly smaller than A3 and, although this makes the maps easy to read and full of detail, it also means that it is large and sometimes unwieldy. However, the plastic spiral-binder helps to make things manageable, as do shaded mapping regions down the gutter. Speed camera locations are marked with the speed limit.

Disappointingly, we couldn't find any discounts online. This atlas still represents good value, but it's no bargain. Buyers can also enter a quiz to win a new Toyota Yaris.

There are good-quality, laminated covers and thick, strong paper inside. That means it should stay clean and not rip too easily - although the size of the pages makes it vulnerable to getting bent or damaged if it's thrown around the car.

Special features
There are loads of extra details, including town, airport and port close-ups, truck stops and selected places of interest. Best of all are the speed camera markers, which include the speed limits.