2nd Tata Nano

2nd Tata Nano

Tata Nano
Summary India's budget car hits Europe
Mad rating 9/10
Chances of seeing production It's already happening

How is the Tata Nano a mad car?

Well, it's not, but it's made number two in our rankings on the basis of the mass hysteria caused by its presence in Geneva.

At the press conference where the car was unveiled, huge crowds gathered.

At first it seemed as though this may be because people were hoping for some news on the Jaguar and Land Rover takeover, but when they were still on the stand admiring the Nano an hour later, you suddenly realised the car was the star.

So much so, in fact, that suited representatives from rival manufacturers were seen walking round the Nano, digital cameras in hand, poring over bits of bodywork and taking detailed notes.

Make no mistake: the world's cheapest car is destined to go on sale in Europe and the industry is taking the threat seriously.

True, Tata's Nano may cost slightly more than its 1277 asking price in India, but it is still expected to shake up the budget end of the market in about four years time.

In its current form, the four-door Nano is shorter than a Mitsubishi i and can seat five people, but there is no air-conditioning, power steering or electric windows.

Powered by a rear-mounted, two-cylinder 624cc engine developing 33bhp, the car is capable of 68mph and 57mpg.

However, the lack of the mod-cons, as well as the need to pass more stringent crash and emissions tests, may force some changes for the European version of the car.