3rd Draper 12V Mini 13.50

3rd Draper 12V Mini 13.50

Draper 12V Mini Air Compressor
RRP 13.50
Best price 12.99 (Amazon.co.uk)
Weight 0.95kg

For Cheap to buy; well-made
Against Scale on gauge was too large; fairly slow to inflate


The Draper took a lengthy 8 minutes and 45 seconds to pump up our test tyre from flat. However, it was smaller and significantly cheaper than the fastest units we tested. Although the analogue gauge wasnt too far out for accuracy (it read 30PSI when the true pressure was 31.5PSI), it could have done with being a bit bigger, and set to a smaller scale.

Ease of operation
We found the Draper super-simple to use. The compact, ergonomic shape meant it was easy to pick-up and carry with one hand, and the stowaway spots for the hose and power lead were handy when packing it away. The Draper came with an on/off switch, which meant we didnt have to be inside the car to start and stop it pumping.

This is very much a budget-priced unit, but it performs extremely well for the price, and feels like it will last for longer as well. We found plenty of stockists online, although the best savings were still very small.

The translucent blue plastic casing looks a bit tacky, but the Draper feels like it could stand up to a fair few knocks and bashes. The hose and switches look well made, and there arent any parts sticking out waiting to be bashed. Although the Draper lacked a digital gauge, its dial didnt vibrate a lot, so was easily readable when inflating.

Special features
The Draper comes with a built-in light, which can either be used as a torch to find your way around the car in the dark, or set as a flasher so other motorists can see you in the dark. You also get three adaptors for pumping up other inflatables, like footballs and airbeds.