45% are texting while driving

* Poll reveals mobile abuse is still high * Just 11% switch off their phone while driving * Anyone caught faces 60 fine and three points...

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Jim Holder
27 February 2008

45% are texting while driving

One year after the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving were increased, almost half of British motorists are still texting while at the wheel according to a new poll.

The survey of 2000 people revealed that 45% of people admit they have texted while driving in the past year.

The survey also showed that just 11% of people switch off their phone or put it to mute, meaning that 89% of motorists remain liable to distraction should their phone ring.

Drivers in London are the most likely to text and drive, with 53% doing so according to the poll.

Motorists now receive a 60 fine and three penalty points for using a mobile phone while driving, and could be liable for prosecution for causing death by dangerous driving if they are involved in a fatal accident.