7th Collins Road Atlas Britain 12.99

7th Collins Road Atlas Britain 12.99

Collins Road Atlas Britain
RRP 12.99
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If you use a map to navigate rather than sight-see, this map's 1:200,000 scale provides ample information. It can get a bit overcrowded with detail (do you need to know where artificial ski-slope locations are?), but it's rarely too hard to read.

Ease of operation
Everything is clearly labelled, making it easy to find whatever you need. The old compromise of practicality and detail has been dealt with well on its near-A4-sized pages. Marking speed camera locations without showing the speed limit is frustrating, though, as are the deep, blank seams between pages.

If you are buying at cover price and aren't worried by any space constraints, we'd recommend spending the extra 2 on the supersize equivalent. However, good online discounts could make the difference. Buyers can also enter a draw to win a Toyota Yaris.

The paper quality is good, fending off rips, and the spiral binder and floppy outer covers ensure that it's both rugged and flexible. Signposting from the main maps to more detailed city plans is excellent.

Special features
You name it, it's here - although that can mean that pages can get overloaded with too much information. The mapping is packed with information, from the location of campsites to vineyards, and additional features include motorway junction information and details on service stations.