8 ways to make money from your car

Looking to make some extra income? Today owning a car gives you plenty of options...

We all know cars cost a lot of money.Image 1 of 13

Buying them is just the beginning. You need to fuel them up, and pay to keep them insured and maintained. And if you own them, they lose value 24/7, even if you don’t use them. Conversely, if you use them a lot, they’ll lose value even quicker.

However, they don’t have to be such a drain on your resources. Your car can in fact be used as a tool to earn either a living, or just some money on the side, or at least to defray some operating costs. Here’s our guide to doing so.

Before we go on, remember, in most cases you’ll have to declare this income and pay tax on it - sorry, we don’t make the rules - and there may be a requirement to obtain a different type of driving licence and make changes to your vehicle insurance.