Anti-fraud measures on Blue Badges

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Jim Holder
13 March 2008

Anti-fraud measures on Blue Badges

All new disabled driver badges will be issued in a tamper-proof laminated casing as part of the Government's drive to combat counterfeits.

The laminated cover means that any attempt to manipulate the details contained on the badge will leave permanent damage, making it obvious that the badge has been tampered with.

This change adds to other anti-fraud measures announced in October 2007, such as a new hologram on the badge and a gender-specific serial number to make it easier for parking attendants to identify anyone abusing the system.

Transport Minister Rosie Winterton has pledged to make it a priority to stamp out Blue Badge fraud and is calling on the public to help identify anyone falsely using one. In particular, she has highlighted that the scheme is frequently abused by football fans looking to park near match venues.

The Department for Transport is currently running a consultation on how the Blue Badge scheme could be improved, and is seeking public opinion.

'We welcome all views about how the scheme could be made more secure and better policed against the cheats who steal, forge or misuse the badge,' said Winterton.