Aston Martin - A 1.2 million car

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Aston Martin - A 1.2 million car

Got a spare 1.2 million and looking for a car?

If the answer's yes, it might be at the Paris motor show. Then again, it might not. We're not sure, because Aston Martin is refusing to take the covers off its One-77 throughout the duration of the show.

It has, however, released another studio shot of the car although no further details.

What we do know is that it's set to go on sale next year and is expected to be a front-engined coupe with hand-formed aluminium panels over an all-new carbon fibre monocoque chassis.

Power will come from a 7.0-litre V12 rated at about 650bhp, which should make the One-77 faster than any existing Aston and push top speed beyond 220mph.

Sign up early, though, and you won't just be buying a car, because you'll also be able to get involved with the design and development of the car.

Buyers will get access to the companys top designers and engineers, will have cars minutely tailored to their own requirements, and will even be encouraged to take part in suspension development.

The One-77 name, which reflects the fact no more than 77 versions of the car will be built, will not be used for the final car.

and a watch
In days gone by manufacturers went to motor shows to display cars but not any more.

Aston Martin has something that would make James Bond's gadget man, Q, proud a watch that can lock and unlock the doors of an Aston Martin DBS.

The watch is designed by Jaeger LeCoultre, and is called the AMVOX2 DBS Transponder.

The wearer can unlock the car by pushing between the eight and nine o'clock symbols, or lock it by pressing between three and four o'clock.

The transponder system in the watch is around half the size of the type found in the traditional DBS key, and weighs just a few grams.

Only Aston Martin dealerships will be able to authorise the watch to communicate with the owner's specific DBS, ensuring there are no security problems.

Further details of the watch will be revealed at the Paris motor show on October 2, but estimates suggest it will cost around 21,800.