Audi A6: Used car buying guide

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Audi A6: Used car buying guide

The Audi A6 is one of the best executive cars on the road. The impressive performance, luxury levels of space and modest price make it a great used buy

What's it like?
If you're looking to travel in business class, but want to stick to an economy budget, the A6 has all you could need in a saloon at a sensible price.

There's generous head- and legroom for four adults, but the raised floor that runs through the middle of the car makes the central rear seat best for children. The boot is suitably cavernous, and the rear seats fold down on some models for even more space. Fit and finish are flawless.

Which one should I get?
Diesel models are far more common than petrols and hold their value better. The entry-level 138bhp 2.0-litre TDI performs well, but for more pace go for the smooth 178bhp 2.7 V6, or the quicker but rarer 233bhp 3.0 V6.

What to watch out for...

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Consider a petrol if the price is right. The turbocharged 2.0 has 165bhp, then there are three V6s and two V8s with between 177 and 345bhp. The 2.0 and smallest V6 are the best options.

Opt for SE trim and you'll get climate control, CD player, electric windows and cruise control. S line adds stiffer suspension and racier cabin detailing. The A6 was mildly face-lifted in mid '08, when a new entry-level trim was introduced, while SE and S line models got leather trim as standard.

Running Costs
The 2.0 diesel does an official average of 44.8mpg, compared with the 2.0 petrol's 34.5mpg but be sure you'll cover enough miles to make the extra cost of the diesel worth paying. All diesels beat the petrols on economy.

High emissions mean road tax isn't cheap, yet a 2.0 TDIe diesel introduced in mid '08 emits just 139g/km of CO2 and does 53.3mpg.

Servicing prices are no better or worse than those of rivals. For models that are three-years old and over, Audi dealers have fixed-price servicing and set costs for standard parts, such as brake pads.


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Early 54-plate 2.0 TDI SEs start at around 6500, but will have done up to 100,000 miles. One with 50,000 miles will cost around 9000 from independent dealers. A 56-plate car with 12,000 miles could be yours for 12,500 from a dealer, while a similar age 2.7 TDI SE with 36,000 miles will be a few hundred pounds more. A 35,000-mile 2.0 petrol SE on an 07-plate is just over 10,000 from a trader.

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