Audi also took the celebrity route for grabbing attention, with singer Bryan Adams strolling out from behind the stage and strumming his guitar as the wraps came off the Audi TTS.

The trouble is, the assembled gathering couldn't help reading a little bit too much into the choice of the middle-of-the-road Canadian soft rocker for this role.

As he chuntered his way through 'The only thing that looks good on me is you', you couldn't help but wonder if the fit between Adams and the TTS was a bit too apt.

A 268bhp motor car capable of 0-62mph in a smidgen over five seconds is always going to be worth seeing, of course, but it's not exactly pants-on-fire levels of performance.

Throw in the fact that we all know a 360bhp plus TTRS is in the pipeline, and, well maybe Audi will persuade Led Zepplin to come to the launch of that one.

Lesson number four: Match your celebrity to the product at your peril.