Bentley Azure T: fast, but thirsty

* 500bhp 6.75-litre V8 * Averages 14.5mpg and emits 465g/km of CO2 * Expected to cost around 230,000...

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What Car? Staff
12 November 2008

Bentley Azure T: fast, but thirsty

Take a look at the Bentley Azure T, a drop-top so expensive and polluting that it openly mocks anyone concerned about the credit crunch or the environment.

The T is powered by a 500bhp 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8 with 737lb ft of pulling power 50bhp and 92lb ft more than the standard Azure.

That means a top speed of 179mph, up from 171mph, and a 0-60mph time of 5.2sec, down from 5.6sec. Considering the car weighs 2.7 tonnes, the figures are significant improvements.

Inevitably, though, they come at a cost, as the Azure T averages just 14.5mpg and emits a breathtaking 465g/km of CO2.

Other changes from the standard model include 20-inch alloys, front wing vents, a different front grille and a retractable 'Flying B' mascot on the bonnet.

There's also a 'sport' switch that firms up the suspension for improved handling, and another switch that changes the gearshifts between sport, normal and manual modes. Carbon-ceramic brakes are an option and as befits such a large car, they are the biggest available on any production car.

Inside, buyers can choose between 25 types of leather, while there are 42 exterior colour options.

The Bentley Azure T will be officially launched at next week's Los Angeles motor show. Prices will be revealed then, but don't expect much change from 230,000.