The best campervans in 2023

A campervan is a perennially popular way of enjoying a short break for a reasonable cost, but with more choice than ever in the market, which campers should be at the top of your shortlist?...

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With prices of flights and hotels shooting up, many people are turning to the campervan as a more cost-effective way of taking a summer holiday, and as a result, demand for campers is as great as it’s ever been. In fact, if you buy one from new, you'll likely be looking at a long waiting list to receive it.

No wonder, then, that several manufacturers now offer their own campervan conversions, while more are offering vans converted by aftermarket suppliers, but with the same warranty and dealer support that a factory conversion would entail. We’ve tested the best available on the UK market – and we’ve put them in order so that you can work out which one is best for you.

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