Best PCP deals with 0% finance

Hatchbacks, SUVs and even luxury cars are available on 0% finance, meaning you can spread the cost without being charged interest...

Cars available with 0% finance
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25 Jun 2019 07:40

Walk into a showroom with a suitcase full of cash 10 years ago and you would have had sales staff fighting each other off to help you spend it on a shiny new car. However, that’s no longer the case; even if you do have the money to buy a new car outright, in many cases you’re now better off entering a finance agreement instead.

One reason for this is that dealers no longer make big margins on sales, with finance one area in which they can claw back some dividends. Indeed, some are so keen to push these schemes that they're offering 0% APR finance, meaning you can spread the cost over multiple instalments without getting charged interest.

Sound appealing? Well, below we've compiled a list of the cars available on 0% APR finance which currently have a four-star What Car? rating or higher.

Audi A8

From £634 a month for a 50 TDI Quattro, with an £11,000 finance deposit contribution (FDC) from Audi

Used Audi A8 Saloon (17-present)

The A8’s blend of performance, comfort and refinement makes it the most relaxing luxury limo you can buy. It's the car that finally knocked the Mercedes S-Class off its perch, yet due to slow sales, there are some fantastic offers.

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Ford Fiesta

From £179 a month for a  1.1 Zetec, FDC £0

Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 140

The Fiesta has long been the benchmark small car for driving fun and this latest version continues that tradition. However, it also offers a smarter interior than its predecessor and swaps that car's fiddly, button-heavy infotainment system for a more user-friendly touchscreen. True, some rivals are more practical, but the Fiesta is still a fine choice.

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Ford Focus

From £212 a month for a 1.0 Ecoboost 100 Zetec, FDC £0

Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost 125

Like its smaller sibling, the Fiesta mixes fun driving dynamics with plenty of safety kit and low running costs. Just be aware that rivals like the Mazda 3 and Volkswagen Golf offer more in the way of interior luxury.

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