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Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)

Need loads of luggage space for a reasonable price? These are the used estate cars that best fit the bill...

Best used estate cars (and the ones to avoid)Image 1 of 23

The estate car may be a bastion of practicality, but it's had a pretty tough time in recent years. First came the MPVs, with their flipping, swivelling, folding seats that offer more versatility than you could shake a stick at; then came the SUVs, with their rufty-tufty image and a tall ride height that offers a great view out.

Against such formidable competition, you might wonder whether there’s any point in buying an estate car. But, in fact, modern estates have plenty to offer. For one thing, their lower centre of gravity means most are better to drive than an SUV or MPV. Moreover, their lower rooflines mean better aerodynamics, which in turn mean lower fuel consumption and better performance.

What’s more, because estates don’t usually have to be built with space for a four-wheel drive system under the floor, many offer more room inside than an equivalent SUV. And the best news is that a used estate will cost you far less to buy, too. To prove it, here’s our roundup of the 10 best ones.

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