BMW Gran Coupe hints at new 6 Series

* BMW Gran Coupe concept unveiled * May show next 6 Series' looks * All-new four-door flagship model on way?...

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Andy Pringle
23 April 2010

BMW Gran Coupe hints at new 6 Series

Take a close look at this new BMW concept car not only does the Gran Coupe show how the next 6 Series will look, it also hints at a new four-door flagship for the 6 Series range.

The Gran Coupe, which has just been unveiled at the Beijing Show, follows the style of the Concept CS, which was first shown in 2007.

Just as that model was an early pointer to the looks of the 5 Series GT, so this new concept provides us with the first indication of what we can expect from next years new 6 Series.

The car we'll see in 2011 will be a direct successor to the current 6 Series coupe, but the exciting news is that something very like the Gran Coupe is expected to go into production a couple of years from then. It'll be a four-door flagship for an expanded range of 6 Series vehicles.

Classic BMW styling
According to BMW, the concept combines the exclusivity of a Gran Turismo with the fascination of a high-performance sports car. With a long wheelbase and a short overhang at the front, its very much a modern interpretation of classic BMW styling.

It features a new style of BMWs famous kidney grille, with the LED headlights either side showing the cars premium position within the companys range of vehicles.

Meanwhile, the shark nose, combined with the long bonnet and relatively low roofline (the concept is a similar overall length to a 7 Series saloon, but 100mm lower), give the car an unmistakably sporty look.

This is further emphasised by the frameless side doors which mean the separate windows seem to merge into one continuous piece of glass and the flared rear wheelarches.