Buying on foot or online?

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27 March 2009

Buying on foot or online?

Buying on foot or online?
Walk onto a forecourt to look at a used car and you can see exactly what youre buying, but shopping over the internet is different. You have to trust what youre told, and may have only a few pictures and a registration number as proof that what youre looking at is actually the car for sale.

Still, theres nothing new about used cars on the internet dealerships, independent garages and car supermarkets have been advertising vehicles online for years.

However, in the majority of cases the cars are still at bricks-and-mortar locations. Most buyers use the internet to find the right type of vehicle before going to see it, and then decide whether to buy.

This is a great way to trawl for cars, and youll have the peace of mind of dealing with an established business, but you probably arent getting the lowest price. No, the big savings come from buying your car over the internet.