Can I get a Punto for your Target Price?

Can I get a Punto for your Target Price?

**Q: My local Fiat dealer can't get anywhere near your Target Price on a Grande Punto 1.4 Active Sport 3dr (8V). Can you find me a garage who can?

Also, can I expect to get the interest-free offer being offered by Fiat at the moment, or is this only available to customers paying full price?
Ian Plummer**

A: Most dealers are prepared to sell for Target Price, but some may refuse - either in the hope you will eventually give in and pay full whack, or because they reckon someone else will.

If, after a decent amount of haggling, your dealer refuses to budge, call around several others in your area and tell them how much you are prepared to pay. Chances are that one or more will agree to match it.

Remember, the Target Price is the maximum amount you should expect to pay, so don't be afraid to push for even bigger discounts. You might also want to consider buying online to get the best possible deal.

You could also consider buying a pre-reg car. What's the catch? Well, you probably won't be able to take advantage of the interest-free deal, because the car won't technically be new, but with such a big discount you might not mind.