Car-free eco-towns to be revealed

* Five eco-towns by 2016 * Town centres will be car-free * Roads into towns will have 15mph limits...

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Jim Holder
26 March 2008

Car-free eco-towns to be revealed

Developers have submitted bids to build Britain's first eco-towns, which will have speed limits of 15mph and be heavily reliant on public transport.

Under Government plans, up to five eco-towns should be built by 2016, rising to 10 by 2020. They will have populations of between 5000 and 20,000 people and feature extensive transport links to larger towns and cities.

So far, more than 50 bids have been submitted to create the zero-carbon developments, and in the next few weeks, housing minister Caroline Flint will announce full plans for the towns.

Flint has previously said that she wants to see towns designed around pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users. As a result, the new town centres are expected to be car-free, and the 15mph limit will be enforced on key roads leading into the towns.