Chevrolet concepts

  • Most upbeat Detroit motor show in years
  • 10 Detroit cars that caught our eye
  • NSX undoubted star of the show
Words By John McIlroy

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Chevrolet showed the 140S and 130R at the Detroit motor show, a pair of coupe concept cars aimed at younger buyers.

They use 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engines and offer a contrast of styles; the 130R has clear influence from American muscle cars, while the 140S looks more mature and has a hint of Astra GTC about it.

Why develop two concepts just for young people? Chevy's latest marketing push is to 'connect' with younger buyers, who like owning a car but often fail to have an emotional connection with their vehicle. Both of these projects could help to deliver that goal - they're among the most striking of all concept car at the Detroit show but I can't help wondering if young buyers really have the disposable income to buy sports cars. It could be an interesting gamble.