Citroen DS3 Convertible on the way

* DS3 Convertible will be built * Not before 2012 at earliest * No details of roof mechanism yet...

Citroen DS3 Convertible on the way

Citroen will build a convertible version of its classy DS3 supermini, a source has told What Car?

However, details of the DS3 Convertible are sketchy. It isn't clear whether Citroen will use a metal folding roof or a fabric version. It's also unclear if the DS3 Convertible will have the same engine line-up as the hatch, which consists of three petrol engines and two turbodiesels.

Citroen has confirmed, though, that there won't be a convertible version of the DS3 Racing. The hot hatch is due to go on sale in the UK later on this summer.

Prices for the DS3 Convertible haven't been confirmed, but expect a premium of around 2000 over the hatchback, which would mean a starting price of around 14,000.