City car winner

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City car winner

1 Toyota Aygo
Satisfaction rating: 80.2%
Overall: 43rd=
Toyota Aygo review

Another year, another class win for the Aygo thats four on the bounce. It was a close-run thing, but in the end the Aygos more consistent scores helped it to pip the Fiat 500. The Toyota did slip from 31st to 43rd in the survey overall, but that was more down to the cars in other classes upping their game than the Aygos standards slipping.

Why do owners rate the tiny Toyota so highly? Well, city cars are supposed to be cheap to run, and owners say the Aygo costs peanuts fuel economy, insurance, servicing and repair costs were all highly rated.

Not much went wrong with the Aygo, but when problems did arise usually water leaking into the car or an issue with the glovebox Toyota dealers carried out the repairs to a high standard in pleasant service centres populated by helpful and courteous staff.

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Case study
Name Cara Roberts
Age 18
Lives Tonbridge, Kent
Job Student
Model 1.0 VVTi
Mileage with car 11,000

My Aygo is a really fun car to drive, and its crucial to me that its economical to run as well which it is. My insurance and fuel bills are as low as Id hoped when I bought it. Around town it looks cute, too, and its dead easy to park. I feel relaxed on the motorway as well surprising in such a small car.Only the Fiat 500 and Smart Fortwo scored higher marks for exterior styling. Owners were generally positive about the Aygos interior, too. Its seats received above-average grades, as did the stereo, heating and ventilation.

Although Toyota can be proud of the Aygos achievements, there is room for improvement. Owners werent very impressed with the poky boot or noisy engine. They also gave below-average scores for overtaking ability. However, these werent major areas of concern.

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