Dealers 18 - 27

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Dealers 18 - 27
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What Car? Staff
23 Aug 2012 11:00

18 Hyundai
Customers felt service advisers could try harder to improve their experience, and they werent impressed with the quality of the facilities either. The work took too long, and charges were too high only Mazda, Fiat and Chevrolet were thought to have less fair pricing. However, 59% said theyd probably recommend the service.

19 Citroen
The Citron network was slammed for unhelpful, surly staff and some of the least clean, most uncomfortable facilities in the survey. Customers found it frustrating to book in their cars for work, and things didnt improve much after that. However, service and repair bills were deemed to be more reasonable than the industry average.

20= Alfa Romeo
Dealers couldnt match the allure of Giulietta ad star Uma Thurman. Customers complained about the service advisers, the struggle to book in cars, the length of the process and the charges. More than a fifth said they wouldnt subject their friends and family to this service.

20= Ford
A less-than-glowing review for Ford. Customers scored the network below the industry average in almost every category. Facilities were poor in cleanliness, and only Fiat and Chevrolet were worse for comfort. Customer loyalty is good, though, 85% saying theyd probably recommend the service. More would recommend the cars.

22 Mini
Customers said Mini staff delivered some of the most shocking service, with only Chevrolet and Fiat staff scoring worse for courteousness. Service advisers werent proactive enough in explaining issues, but parking was convenient and the wait (which could be long) comfortable. Dealers came seventh for fair prices.

23= Suzuki
Customers reported a disappointing experience throughout. Service advisers were rated as more responsive than friendly, but werent terribly good at either. Customers were also miffed by expensive repair bills that didnt reflect the quality of the workmanship. They thought the facilities could do with a lick of paint, too.

23= Vauxhall
A dismal showing for Vauxhall. Dealers were highly rated for the workshop booking process, but things went downhill from there. Customers said that work took too long, technicians werent particularly thorough, and service advisers were neither on the ball nor particularly courteous.

25 Mazda
Mazda dealers finished just a whisker from the bottom of the index. Customers did compliment the greeting they got, but said that service advisers were better on courtesy than on their ability to give a thorough explanation of any work involved. Cars were often handed back in an unsatisfactory condition, too.

26 Fiat
Fiat customers were scathing of the service they received. They thought it took too long to carry out work, and that workmanship quality was below par. Redeeming features were hard to find. The best rating was for parking convenience, where the network came 20th. The facilities were among the worst in the survey, too.

27 Chevrolet
Damning feedback put the Chevrolet network firmly in the doldrums of every single category. Dissatisfaction included parking problems at dealerships, plus the time it took to service and repair cars. The best scores related to the cleanliness of the facilities, although these were still rated poorly compared with other networks.