Dedicated dealers for Fiat Abarth

* 10 Abarth dealers by August * Up to 20 dealers planned * Pure Abarth car hinted...

Dedicated dealers for Fiat Abarth

Fiat expects to have 10 dedicated dealers for its Abarth performance car range by the time the first of those models - the Grande Punto Abarth - goes on sale at the end of this month.

That number will rise to somewhere between 15 and 20 in time for the arrival of a second car, the 500 Abarth, in the first quarter of next year.

Only officially sanctioned dealers with dedicated Abarth reception areas and sales teams will be allowed to sell the car in the UK. That means people in some areas might have a bit of a trek to the nearest dealer.

Fiat has promised that it will treat Abarth with greater respect than in the past, when it was accused of weakening the heritage of the brand.

As part of that promise, there won't be an Abarth version of every Fiat though there might be a pure Abarth car not derived from any other model.