Down to... VW Golf

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Will Nightingale
09 June 2008

Down to... VW Golf

Name Alan Sherry (43), MD of a design agency, Snaresbrook, London
Current car W-reg Chrysler Voyager 3.3 LX
Trying for size VW Golf 1.4 TSI 120 Match 5dr

Alan said: 'When our children Max (11) and Orla (6) were younger, my wife Sue and I decided bigger was better for safety reasons.

Until now, I didn't think smaller cars would give me that feeling of protection, but when I was told our particular Voyager had a two-star passenger NCAP rating and the Golf had five, I was surprised.

'Once I got over how low the Golf felt compared with my Voyager, I thought the handling was excellent. It was really manoeuvrable and flexible around the back streets.

'Gripes? I know interiors are mostly plastic, but it all felt a bit too thin. I want luxury plastic for almost 15,000.

'The Golf didn't feel like a small car, but I have to admit the comparatively low trade-in value of the Voyager would see me keep it as a second car for days when we need to take lots of kit.'

We say
Never confuse size with safety: the Golf might be a small family car, but it's big on crash protection. You can check your car's crash test ratings on

The Sherrys have become accustomed to MPV levels of luggage space so, even though the Golf has a large boot, they may want to consider a Volkswagen Golf Estate and get rid of their Voyager altogether.