Drivers at risk in tunnels

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Drivers at risk in tunnels

A third of British drivers risk dying if they confront a fire in a tunnel as they don't know what to do, according to a new survey by the AA.

The poll asked more than 15,000 people what course of action they would take if, while driving through a tunnel, a lorry caught fire in front of them.

More than two-thirds correctly said they would save themselves by looking for, and following, signs to escape routes or safe havens.

However, the other third would put their lives at serious risk by:
• Trying to help the lorry driver or fight the fire 12%
• Sitting in their car and waiting for instructions from the tunnel control 7%
• Trying to drive away or round the burning lorry 6%
• Getting out of the car and running away 3%

• Not knowing what they would do 5%

There are 12 major tunnels in the UK.