Electrifying the Volvo C30

* Battery-powered C30 under test * Must meet Volvo safety standards * Zero emissions; 93-mile range...

Electrifying the Volvo C30

Volvo is to evaluate the viability of an electric version of its C30 hatchback.

With zero CO2 emissions and a range of up to 93 miles, prototypes of the car are already being tested in Sweden.

Volvo's announcement follows news that Ford is to test a Focus Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

No compromise
The C30's electric motor will be housed under the bonnet, but Volvo is still deciding where to place the lithium-ion battery pack.

However, the company has said that safety, comfort and space will not be compromised over the standard car.

Recharging the battery would take around eight hours via a standard domestic power socket.

Don't expect to see the electric C30 on the roads any time soon Volvo is concentrating its efforts on a plug-in hybrid due for launch in 2012. Its extra range and reduced reliance on an expensive battery makes this a more viable commercial alternative.