Engine noise prompts new Mini delivery delays

* Engine accoustic problem identified in test cars * Mini Cooper D and One D models affected * Deiveries could be suspended until June 2014...

Engine noise prompts new Mini delivery delays

Customers expecting to take delivery of their new diesel Minis have been told they could have to wait up to three more months for their cars.

Mini has confirmed it is to withhold Mini One and Cooper models fitted with the new three-cylinder diesel engine after noises coming from the counterbalance shaft, which offsets vibrations in the engine, were identified in road test cars.

Deliveries are expected to resume by June 2014, once the problem has been fixed. Petrol models are not affected and Mini has stressed that the issue is not safety-related. What Car? understands that dealer demonstrator models will remain in service, but will be limited to 1500 miles.

A spokesman told What Car?: ‘It’s highly regrettable but we’ve taken this precaution to ensure that every new Mini we hand over to our customers is of optimum quality.'

He added that arrangements have been put in place within the Mini UK dealer network and Mini Customer Services to ensure no customer is left high and dry by the delays.

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