Even longer wait for GT-R

* Pricing details announced * Deposits can be placed from April * But supply cannot meet demand...

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Jim Holder
06 March 2008

Even longer wait for GT-R

UK buyers wanting a Nissan GT-R are being warned to expect a lengthy waiting list, even though order books haven't officially opened yet.

Pricing for the car was revealed this week, with the base model costing 52,900. The Premium edition with automatic headlamps and a Bose stereo costs from 54,200 and the Black edition, with special black paintwork, grey alloy wheels and leather interior, from 55,000.

That's considerably less than the anticipated 66,000, but considerably more than Japanese buyers are paying: the 7,770,000 Yen asking price equates to around 35,000.

However, although deposits are not officially being taken until April, ahead of delivery in March 2009, a shortage of cars is expected because Nissan's Yokohama plant. Can produce only 1000 cars per month.

'From the moment we announced the price structure we had people queuing up to place orders,' said a Nissan official. 'Someone even came over to the stand at the Geneva motor show and tried to leave a cheque for the car there and then. We are anticipating huge demand.'

The GT-R can be ordered online or at one of 10 appointed dealers in the UK for the car. All service work will also be carried out by one of these selected dealers.

Nissan has cracked down on anyone trying to import the car from Japan for sale or private use in the UK, saying that it will unable to provide service assistance or parts for any cars brought into the country this way.