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Whether you want a city car or an SUV, finding a new car that's also electric has never been easier, and thanks to our Target Price details they don't cost the Earth to buy...

Toyota Mirai action

Toyota Mirai

The Mirai is an electric car in the sense that it is powered by an electric motor, but it runs on electricity created from hydrogen fuel, rather than from a battery alone. That means you don't need to plug it into a wall charger but a hydrogen filling station, and these are few and far between in the UK right now. The benefit, however, is a massive range of up to 342 miles between fill-ups. We also like that the Mirai is well equipped and has a comfortable ride, but its boot is small and its rear seats don't fold down.

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Volkswagen e-Golf front - 19 plate

The e-Golf's greatest strength is that, in terms of the way it looks both inside and out, you can't really tell it apart from a normal Volkswagen Golf family hatchback, and that's good news for buyers who don't want space-age looks on their electric car. With a real-world range of 117 miles on our tests, the e-Golf isn't great if you travel large distances, but it is great to drive, spacious and well equipped. Now could be a great time to buy one, too, because Volkswagen is gearing up to indirectly replace the e-Golf with the upcoming ID 3 electric hatchback, and that means dealers could be prepared to haggle more.

Volkswagen e-Up 2019 LHD front cornering

Like the Seat Mii Electric and Skoda Citigo e iV that we've already seen on this list, the e-Up is Volkswagen's smallest electric car, and is built with the city in mind. That's why, while it might not have the longest range at 161 miles between charges, it is at least a doddle to drive around tight streets, thanks to its diminutive dimensions and light steering. It's well equipped, too, coming with key safety kit including automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assistance as standard.

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