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Whether you want a city car or an SUV, finding a new car that's also electric has never been easier, and thanks to our Target Price details they don't cost the Earth to buy...

Skoda Citigo e IV 2019 front cornering

Skoda Citigo e iV

If you're looking at the Skoda Citigo e iV and thinking it looks very similar to the Seat Mii we looked at earlier, don't worry, because it is. In fact, the two are almost identical underneath, sharing the same battery and electric motor. That means you get the same 162 miles of range too. Where the Citigo sets itself apart from its Mii sibling, though, is with its ultra-competitive pricing.

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Smart Fortwo EQ

Smart ForTwo EQ 2020 front tracking LHD

Although parking the Smart Fortwo EQ should never be a chore thanks to its tiny dimensions, its battery range is, sadly, big issue. Officially it will cover 84 miles between charges, but in reality you'll struggle to match that. Add in that it only has two seats and has a lumpy ride, and is rather noisy, and the Fortwo EQ is difficult to recommend.

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Smart Forfour EQ

Smart ForFour EQ 2020 LHD press tracking

The Forfour EQ starts on a stronger footing than the Fortwo EQ above; with two extra seats it can at least carry a small family around. However, it still has the same problem with range, and you're unlikely to achieve the official 81-mile range even in the smoothest of conditions. A small boot and iffy handling means that, like its two-seat sibling, the Forfour EQ doesn't deserve to be towards the top of your electric car shortlist.

Tesla Model 3 front three quarters

The Model 3 was riding on a wave of huge expectations when it went on sale last year, and fortunately it more than delivered, with an impressive real-world range of up to 239 miles, eye-widening acceleration and decent practicality – and all at a price significantly lower than was asked for the Teslas that have come before. It's so good, in fact, that we named it as our Large Electric Car of the Year for 2020.

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Tesla Model S

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Tesla Model S Long Range front

Want to marry electric car running costs with world-class luxury? The Model S has been built with you in mind. This was the first mainstream Tesla, but despite having been around for a few years now, the Model S has been updated many times, so it can still cut it with the best. Add in a generous official range of up to 379 miles between charges, and it's seriously impressive. We like its cavernous boot, too.

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Tesla Model X

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Tesla Model X Long Range front three quarters

Officially, the Tesla Model X will take you further than any other electric SUV – and that's before you factor in that it has seven seats available, rather than the usual five. That means the Model X is wonderfully practical, as well as offering the astonishing performance and high-tech interior we've come to expect from Tesla. Be warned, though, that all this comes at a price, and the Model X is very expensive to buy.

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