2025 Skoda Elroq review – we drive new electric SUV with 348-mile range

The Skoda Elroq is the brand's smallest electric SUV and the first car to show off Skoda’s new styling direction. We’ve tried a camouflaged prototype – here's how it performed...

Skoda Elroq prototype front driving

On sale: Spring 2025 | Price from: £35,000 (est)

In the TV show Game of Thrones, the main storyline revolves around noble families fighting to seize the Iron Throne. While the fight for the crown in the electric SUV class involves a lot less bloodshed, it is a constant tussle between several very capable cars – and the Skoda Elroq is the newest contender.

The Elroq – seen here in camouflaged prototype form – is the Czech firm's second and smallest electric car to date, following the larger Skoda Enyaq.

It's no coincidence its name combines the first two letters of 'electric' with the last three of Karoq: this is an all-electric car that's a similar size to the Skoda Karoq (although the two don't share any parts). Rival electric SUVs include the Smart #1 and the Volvo EX30 –  the former was named 2024 Small Electric SUV of the Year at the What Car? Awards.

Skoda Elroq prototype rear driving

The Elroq is based on the same bespoke electric-car underpinnings as the Enyaq, as well as other VW Group models, including the Audi Q4 e-tron and VW ID 4.

Significantly, the Elroq will be the first car to show off Skoda’s new design language, as previewed by the Skoda Vision7S concept in 2022. It will also be the first car to wear Skoda’s new logo. Instead of a circular badge, the Elroq will have Skoda lettering on the bonnet, steering wheel and boot lid.

We'll have to wait until October 2024 to see the styling without camouflage, but we have driven a late prototype. Here's what we found out during our Skoda Elroq test drive...

What’s the Skoda Elroq prototype like to drive?

There will be four versions of the Elroq to choose from, called the 50, 60, 85 and 85x. The first three models have one motor driving the rear wheels, producing 168bhp, 201bhp and 282bhp, while the 85x gets two motors for four-wheel drive and 295bhp.

Skoda Elroq prototype direct front driving

The 50 version is powered by a 52kWh (usable capacity) battery, the 60 gets a 59kWh battery and the 85 versions have 77kWh batteries. So far, we know the official range of the 85 model – 348 miles. That’s much further than the Smart #1 Premium (273 miles) and Volvo EX30 Extended Range (296 miles).

All Elroqs have a maximum charging rate of 175kW, allowing for a 10-80% top-in in around 28 minutes (which is a similar time to the #1 and EX30). 

The version we've driven is an Elroq 85, and it feels suitably nippy for an electric SUV of this size, providing smooth and progressive acceleration. Refinement is also a strong suit: the Elroq was whisper-quiet on the motorway.

Around town, the suspension wasn’t very settled as it picked up various undulations and imperfections, causing a fair amount of jostling for occupants. It was much calmer on the motorway though.

While body lean is mostly kept in check, the Elroq's light steering feels quite vague at most speeds and doesn't have much of a direct response, making it difficult to place the car accurately when cornering at speed. Meanwhile, the long-travel brake pedal has an inconsistent, grabby response, making it tricky to slow down smoothly to a stop.

Skoda Elroq prototype side driving

What’s the Skoda Elroq prototype like inside?

The production car's interior has yet to be revealed, but we do know that the Elroq will get an updated version of the interior tech in the Skoda Enyaq. It will include a 5in digital driver’s display and 13in infotainment touchscreen with a simpler menu set-up than the Enyaq's.

Practicality is a strong suit in Skoda car models and the Elroq promises to continue that trend. The boot capacity is rated at 470 litres, which is considerably larger than the #1 and EX30 boots. You also get a useful net that hangs off the parcel shelf for storing the charging cables, freeing up some space under the boot floor.

Our verdict on the Skoda Elroq prototype

If the final production version of the Elroq can offer similar levels of comfort and practicality to an Enyaq but in a smaller, more affordable package, Skoda might well be on to a winner here. For now, it’s clear some tweaks are needed if it’s to have a good crack at knocking the #1 off our electric SUV throne, particularly with the steering and brake pedal feel.

Skoda Elroq prototype charging

Skoda Elroq prototype price and specs

Price £40,000 (est) Engine Single electric motor Power 282bhp Torque n/a Gearbox 1-spd automatic, RWD Battery size 77kWh (usable) 0-62mph n/a Top speed 112mph Range 348 miles CO2/tax 0g/km, 2%

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