EVs must be cheaper, says Renault

* Renault says cut cost of electric cars * before extending their range * 100-mile range is enough for most...

EVs must be cheaper, says Renault

Manufacturers must concentrate on reducing the price of electric cars before they extend the range the cars can travel between charges.

Thats the view of Thierry Koskas, who is spearheading Renaults aggressive electric vehicle programme, which involves launching five models over the next 18 months: two versions of the Twizy scooter, plus the Zoe supermini, Fluence saloon and the Kangoo van.

We cannot rely on government subsidies to make our cars desirable forever, said Koskas. The first priority must be to reduce costs, both by increasing scale by selling the cars, and also by investing in the manufacturing; for instance, from 2013 Renault will build its own electric motors.

Electric cars typically have a range of 100 miles, which Renault estimates is enough for more than 80% of car journeys at present.

Koskas said: People may need convincing [that electric cars have enough range for most journeys], but the facts are there. Increasing the range is easy, but at the moment that would only raise the cost of the cars, because you would just add more batteries.